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Recent News

August 22nd 2013

Awesome news! I have just received my first copies of the book! 1000 to be precise!


My kitchen table is groaning under the weight of them all and I was so excited to open up a box and flick through the pages! I still can't quite believe that I wrote this and illustrated it too, it catches me by surprise a bit!


So the next step is for us to create a shopping cart with access to payment options so that if you want to, you can have your own copy! I am also trying to work with Waterstones who are interested in stocking it so who knows? Maybe this will go somewhere?


Thanks again for looking at the site and supporting me in my project. I really appreciate it!



Welcome to my blog.

August 1st 2013

Ok, so welcome to my new blog... What to write, what to write...?


I have been persuaded to start this by some friends and family because I have just written my first book. It is a children's book and I wrote it for my nephew Charlie. The series (because I have already started writing a few more) is called 'The little boy with the red hair' and the first book is called

' Charlie and the dragon'.


My good friend Jon and I have just uploaded it to Amazon so that people might download it to Kindle so I thought some concurrent activity wouldn't go amiss, hence this new blog...


I have never even considered doing this before so please bear with me and I shall post more as and when I have anything interesting to say although you shall have to be the judge of that!


Take care and be good.



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