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The Little Boy with the Red Hair, red hair books, dragon, Charlie,

Matthew Charles Prosser

Author & Illustrator

Hello, my name is Matt Prosser and firstly I don't consider myself a writer. I imagine that must seem strange because I have published a book, but it really happened as a happy accident.


I have a nephew called (you guessed it) Charlie and one day I was driving in the car and this phrase kept repeating in my head about 'The little Boy with the Red Hair'. Before I knew it I had somehow dreamed up the first paragraph of what was to become my first story and as soon as I got home I jotted it down on a piece of paper and promptly forgot all about it until I was having a tidy up a week or so later.


I read the words I had written and a story began to form in my mind about an adventure between Charlie and the dragon called Ember. I have never wanted children of my own but when I met my nephew for the first time there was an instant connection and he is my little mate and makes me laugh on a regular basis. I felt a really powerful sensation that I wanted to do something really nice for his birthday and so I started to sit down and slowly add words and ideas to my, (or should I say his?) story.

The first few paragraphs took a little while but soon I found I was creating a rhyming story that I was very happy with and becoming quite attached to. I recently began drawing and wondered if I might be able to illustrate the book as well (because I was starting to think of it in those terms by this point). I began trying to find images on the internet because I found it impossible to create a drawing from my mind and so, a Husky puppy all curled up with it's tail wrapped around itself became Ember amongst the socks. The more I drew, the more I found I could create from within my mind so that by the end, all of the illustration were from my imagination.


All in all this has been a really interesting, relaxing and therapeutic project for me and as I had finished the story and the pictures, I was asked by a friend of mine if he could see what I had been so busily doing for the previous couple of months. I was really quite nervous because nobody had seen it at that point except for my family (and let's face it, they will always be supportive no matter what!) This friend of mine is into Triathlon and Cage Fighting and I thought that perhaps if he liked it, then maybe other people would too so I let him read it and he told me in no uncertain terms that I had to try to do something with it and here we are!


Charlie hasn't seen it because his birthday hasn't arrived yet but I had a few hardback copies made so that he has a physical present on the day and I am so excited to be able to sit with him and read it! I have already started work on the second and third books and I find that they are getting longer and slightly more complicated. I now have an idea that the books might grow with him and if nothing else ever really happens with them, he will know that they were always for him first and foremost.


When I am not writing (which is quite a lot because as I said, I am no writer!) I really enjoy surfing, rock music and motorcycling. I try to snowboard when i can but I don't get much practice so I'm not very good but hey, it's the taking part that counts right? I play guitar (badly but enthusiastically) and I have been known to front a couple of bands vocally. One of the bands even won a Battle of the Bands once which was a pretty cool achievement!


So that's about it for me. I live pretty happily in a bungalow in Devon with a pond and some fish and I really hope that you might enjoy reading about Charlie and Ember and the adventure that they have had and will continue to have over the coming months and years.