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The Little Boy with the Red Hair,
Charlie and the Dragon Book

Welcome to my site!

Well, hopefully you may come to think of it as 'your' site too! I have begun to add drawings in the 'Kids Corner' that you can print off for your own little ones to colour in. I would love for you to feel that when you come here, there is something new to see or read.


With that in mind I think I can let you know that the second instalment of 'The little boy with the red hair' is on it's way! Charlie and Ember will be having a new adventure by Christmas 2017 if all goes to plan. I have the story written and I am in the process of illustrating it right now. I have a wonderful artist working with me on the project called Lily and her style is different to mine but it fits perfectly with what I am trying to achieve. I am so excited to show you all soon so keep checking in and feel free to say hi!


With best wishes.


Matt xx